last hard (training) run!

Yes, the TWENTY MILER, THE LONG RUN, whatever you call it – I did that! so now I taper. taper: reduce both mileage and intensity of all workouts so that all muscles (heart included) can rest and heal before the marathon. I cannot get more ready by working harder. So what does 20 miles look […]

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My biggest marathon training obstacle is not getting enough sleep. In most cases I fall asleep just fine (perks of running, cross training, working, parenting, living, etc). Generally speaking my quality of sleep seems pretty good. I feel rested most days when I wake up. It might help that I am a morning person….IDK. I […]

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was it on the calendar?

Yesterday morning I went for a very early run. Yesterday was also the first day of school for my kids. Yesterday morning on my early morning run I saw leaves on the ground, fallen leaves, like the kind that absorbed all that summer had to offer, fed the tree, and is now returning to the […]

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gear (the switching of)

ITEM 01 – THE SPI BELT:   So last week I got a new SPI belt for running, I loved the design features but as soon as I put it on for a run I knew the problem I would have:  jeans are not slippery and this belt will stay on my hips / running tights […]

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