make a wish ~ I want change

I want to change my job because I find my current position to be at a company that simply just doesn’t feel natural to me; but then again I may also want to change my career all together because in the . . .13 years that I’ve been doing this I really can’t recall a time that I’ve liked it. and believe me, I’ve tried. I have dove into my profession absorbing all that it has to offer, challenging myself and accomplishing all of the big goals.

but it’s the day to day that doesn’t suit me and once those accomplishments were met and all those extra letters earned I found I had no more numbers to count and still felt unfufilled as I watched all that extra knowledge sit on my mental shelf and collect cobwebs.
and then something stirred the dust and once again I mused over my theory that each little spec of dust is like a whole new planet (I had this thought prior to my knowledge of Horton hearing Who’s). with such possibilities out there change is possible, I simply have to do something epic to attain it.

and then there is the wish for my family. as a good friend would say “I wasn’t in that line when they were passing out _____”. I love my family, but more times than not they make me want to scream and once again I find myself apologizing to my daughters for what they have inherited because it is my strongest belief that they deserve so much more.

I know that this is a lot and believe me, there is more to put on this list; but this would be enough for me to digest so that the next round of wishes would be a better fit. in a way I still feel young; but then sometimes I am reminded by the fact that I’m not so young and that I do have a time limit in which these things need to take place in order for them to make sense.

so if I had to wish for one thing and one thing only I would like to omit some of the distractions in my life. I am not adverse to hard work, I just sometimes get off track dealing with drama and if I could get rid of some drama I know that I could accomplish a lot.


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