east meets west

There is a lot that I want to do; I want to go back to school and work harder than I’ve ever worked for something and I want to deepen my spirituality.  At the moment I am not in school, not even a class, but still I have all of the expected duties at home that can keep me busy for many days to come.  If it were my choice all of my free time would be accounted for and that would be that. . .

So when do I take the time to sit, literally on my meditation cushion and zafu and just direct my time to my breath?  I’ve tried before work (early in the morning) as well as before bed, both times have their different benefits and challenges.  Sometimes a little extra sleep really does feel like the best thing for ME, but I don’t feel that taking on this type of change in my life will be as smooth as it can be without meditation.  I’m learning to meditate.  I’m building a meditation practice and that practice does in fact require practice on my part as well.  It is very likely that I will have a lot of balls in the air at once for some time to come, if I cannot find a way to create calm things will be very messy.


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