bad attitude?

Nope. I just want a change.

So I had the thought the other day “what if my current boss knew I was going to night school?”  (for a different progression all together)  Sure I run the risk of being let go but in truth there is a good chance that may happen anyway.

My firm recently let more people go, my concern, to which I am strongly opposed, is that they will expect free overtime of those of us left.  This is a subtle form of bullying that I think fast too many employers get away with these days.  And to set the records straight, this had not been requested of me.  This is perhaps just my own pessimistic paranoia.

So back to the point, this is like a civil break up. I can’t say that I hate you, I just don’t want to be with you.  I’d like to leave peacefully, with respect on both ends……

I’ll let you know how that one plays out


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