art student heads to med school

or at least gives it a shot, that’s what I want to do, that is what my plan is and that is what my actions support.


why not? I have been a professional designer for almost 14 years. when I started college I wanted to be an architect but a change in schools also meant a change in majors. I thought that I would be an interior architect, that’s not so bad.

yes it is

well maybe it wouldn’t be if that is what I had actually been doing for the past 14 years. I gave it a shot, I have earned all of the certifications that I am supposed to (NCIDQ Certificate, LEED AP), I’ve got a fair number of letters behind my name (those plus IIDA) and truth be told I’m good at what I do. I just don’t want to do it any more.  that realization had been a few years coming but I have embraced it and with that I was left with the challenge of deciding, or realizing, what it is that I do want to do. thinking back on all the potential career paths I’ve been drawn to I thought again about physical therapy, and again, and I did some research and I do believe that I will be a great physical therapist. I know that I will be a dedicated student and though I have quite a few prerequisites to take I know that if I can get through them I will do just fine!

so how does interior design relate to physical therapy?

at its simplest good design makes people feel better; not only does an attractive environment lift moods but an efficient environment simply works better, reducing stress even if no one ever notices that. as it stands when things are out of whack in an interior it is my job to problem solve and fix it. I’m not taking about the stuff you see on HGTV, I’m taking about the far less glamorous field of commercial design.  one of the beautiful things about going to school for physical therapy is that they require you to spend “x” amount of hours shadowing a professional just to apply. that means that long before I even apply to school I will witness first hand what goes on in a PT work environment. at its most promising I will be able to help people use their bodies a. as most of us take for granted and b. like they used to.  to me the body is very much like a beautifully engineered machine so studying anatomy does not scare me, in fact it interests me quite a bit. I have this day dream of working full time as a PT and part time as a pilates instructor or something else that helps the body to maintain its abilities. I can look at a room, a space, or even a person and see exactly what would do the trick to fix their issues. hopefully with the right training my natural attention to detail and people skills will serve me well in this new arena.

what’s next?

well for now I need to take a math class, its been many years since I earned my A in college algebra, and then apply to the Pre Physical Therapy program at Northwestern University since as an art major I basically had none of the required prerequisites. after a year (or two) of chemistry, physics, anatomy, statistics and biology I’ll be applying to grad school with the intention of earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

its a big plan, its a lot of time & money, its very different from interior design but I’m excited and I’m going to take it a step at a time and see how far I get.

so yeah, this former art student is trying to get in to med school.


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