the theory is that wanting something that you do not have is the source of suffering and in order to releve oneself from said suffering you should practice non-attachment.  I’ll be honest in that I have thought about this from a few different angles and it’s pretty solid.  that having been said I am currently practicing a non-attachment to the upcoming spring :)  yes, I am enjoying the bulbs that are poking up from the ground and the still cold temperatures that leave frost on the cars at night; but knowing that it’s coming . . . I’m sure that anticipation and attachment are at least cousins if not siblings and I get it, I do understand and yes, I would like to become as attachment free as possible . . . . I’m just really happy to see feel spring coming and this change in weather has lifted my moods.  yes, I know, this is Chicago which means that we are due for at least one snow in March, but I can deal with that.


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