just when I started to think

that maybe there is another career path that  would be a good fit for me and would not require as much schooling, Environmental Graphic Design (I’m not certain of the growth potential and if it is too much like Interior Design in opportunities and earning potential) and I begin to relax into this new state of curiosity and research,  I get smacked with 2 projects (my current interior design position) that will occur on top of each other.  one is a two-person project that I was supposed to get an assistant for. . . I never forgot why I do not like my office, I’m just astonished that I’m still here venting instead of making a definite move!

in the spirit of avoiding “woe is me” I’ll stick the the true story and avoid yesterday’s news.  for the past week I have been doing more graphic/less interior design; and I have enjoyed it quite a bit.  enough that I actually remember the one design related position that still intrigues me EGD which is like (but goes far behind) graphic design combined with and for interiors.  I’ll be honest, the day I found out such a thing existed I was smitten.  the positive is that I’m sure I would shave 3 years off of my total school time required for a career change and the class load would be one far less stressful than that of a med student; but if the job outlook, work environment and earning potentialis about the same as what I’m doing now. . . I don’t see the point.  school will take all my money and most of my time, I need to come out better, not even.

well my thinking is just speculation, I’ve tried doing research but haven’t really found much, so its time for informational interviews.  if you want to know the answer, just ask.


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