I can do anything

so long as I think/believe that I am properly prepared.

there have been some accomplishments in my life, that I can tell, that the people around me didn’t think that I could do or that they minimized the effort that such a feat would require (on occasion I have watched them fail while trying to help them).  nope, I am not always respected and since some of the nay sayers have been very close to me I’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt and forgive them for the insult.

but between you and me, I can do anything that I think I can do

just so long as I am prepared.  I once knew someone who would frequently recite the “12 P’s”  piss poor preparation produces piss poor performance.  piss poor performance produces pain.  I don’t need pain as a motivator.  I used to allow it to motivate me; but when I think of all the stress that it created I can’t help but to wonder how much further I would have gotten if I had been more nurturing to myself.  pain is officially no longer in my equation, so I guess it’s just 11 . . .


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