change one thing

change one thing, and you change it all.  my father says this but I think that it has always been in reference to losing something that you love that the thing you dislike contributed to.  but I’m thinking that if I change one thing about something dear to me that maybe I’ll have love again.

I am an artist, a poet, a writer, a baker, a textile manipulator, a photographer. . . say what you will about me, I an a very creative person. working add an interior designer had left me burned out, too many production houses where creativity is nonexistent can have that affect on the best of us. so I was ready to walk away from design, ready to devote years to the study of science in search of something that would bring a sense of prose back into my life. . . I still think the idea is a good one, I just don’t like the reality of 6 years of school.

take a moment to look around at the test of the world he said. but I felt like I’d be looking in bassoon and only finding the ugly reality that I already know. I was wrong. not only was I wrong but I found a whole area of creativity that feels significant but is growing so fast I cannot imagine being stifled.

another design field?  I thought about it, I slept on it and when I talked with him about out I realized that I was speaking as a person who had made a decision.  that felt great. pretty awesome actually


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