maybe its burn-out, maybe I’m just bored

I knit, and I enjoy knitting but I haven’t done it in months and even though I’ve got projects and yarn waiting I haven’t done anything about it.  I garden and I really REALLY enjoy gardening but every week that it’s been nice outside I’ve had other things to do (like spend time with non-gardeners) and while I might feel a tiny bit bad about it at the same time I really don’t.

I go through phases where I am completely into something, it will be a habit, it will be a fully incorporated part of my life and then I’ll just stop, the project will end, the season will change and even though I will ultimately pick it up again, I won’t have the same drive that I did the last time.

yes I’m still a gardening knitter or a knitting gardener.

I’m pretty sure that I’m bored and while some may think that with hobbies like that boredom is a no brainer, I don’t agree.  I want some major change in my life.  and I think that one of the biggest changes is that when I lost my car my world shrunk way more than I realized.  it happened right before I learned to knit but it’s been about a year and a half and walking that 1.25 miles to the garden on a regular basis is not high on my list of fun activities.  I’ve also gotten out of the habit of cooking and doing regular grocery shopping, unfortunately when I do buy food it often goes bad.  my home is out of weird things and doing all of the laundry in the house rarely happens any more because I simply do not like the machines in the basement, they do not work very well, they are small and the multiple trips up and down four flights of stairs over the course of what feels like an entire day really sucks.  yes, I need a car.  I actually recently got a car, a beater, but it kinda broke on the way to me so it sits in my garage without tags.  recently I think that something else on it died and my motivation to shell out about a grand to get it moving has gone the way of the dodo.  the harsh reality is that it is time for me to buy a good car, a reliable car.  I don’t think that will stop my obsession du jour when it comes to hobbies but I think that it may help a bit.

this cycle with my hobbies is just that, a cycle, I’ll either get back into them with full force or I’ll find something else.  or school will start and I really won’t have the time anyway.


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