one small step

maybe it was a little larger than that but it definitely got the ball rolling; I applied to graduate school for visual communications with the intent of coming out a user interface strategy designer.  I’m excited and yesterday I felt nervous as hell but I’ll be okay, I’ll be better than ok, I’ll be just fine.  now I need to reach out to my regular group of recommendation letter writers and request a few more transcripts because some time in late june / early july I will have an interview and then within two weeks of that I will know if I’m going to school this fall.

completely unrelated I took a few steps to get my garden in order and a few steps to get my home in order and slowly but surely things are really starting to look up around here.  so single step as it may be, with enough of them comes recognizable progress.  I actually feel pretty good these days, I really do feel good.  good enough that I may go back to writing on my regular blog, or maybe I’ll merge everything over to this one, not really sure but I took a step or two or three and things are different and it’s starting to look like I’ll get my wish of change and that is making me all giddy and happy inside :)


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