I’m a purple Wildcat!

Yesterday I got the news (by way of a large envelope) that I had been accepted to the MSC program at Northwestern University. . . . wow.  I was actually nervous for a while but always had a good feeling about this venture and now it will appear that my “make a plan and follow it” motto can continue with no need for a  “re-plan as necessary” clause.  Yesterday I spread the news a little bit and today I’m set on a path for self improvement, that and I need to get some loose ends tied up ASAP.  The cool thing is that I contacted the school about next years class and as luck would have it there were some available spots for this year / the less than ideal part is that I contacted the school about next years class but since I got in this year I have a very short amount of time to get everything together.  Is it impossible, not at all; will it take a true effort not to waste any time, yes it will; am I up for the challenge, but of course!

Thankfully I applied for FASFA in the spring; but I will most likely need to get a few immunizations and I need to make a decision about which laptop to get (that one is a fun decision for me despite the fact that I’m sitting on the fence right about now).  I also need to inform my employer . . . I’ll have to fill you in on how that one will go because to be perfectly honest I have no idea what the overall vibe will be.

I’m not sure if there was a shift in my overall mindset or if things just changed for me but turning 40 has been a great blessing, I have really felt great and things seem to be working in my favor.  Perhaps this is all the result of a change in attitude but be it as it may; I intend to take this “can do” attitude with me as I embark on the next phase, the one that I haven’t finished planning out just yet but that I have a really good feeling about.  I’m following a lot of faith, I’ve started meditating again and have been trying to eat more healthy and make a renewed commitment to the gym.  Does any of this have anything to do with me getting into grad school, I’m not sure and I’m not superstitious but I’m going to keep it up if for no other reason because I feel great right about now and I’d love for this to last as long as it can!



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