wow, there’s a lot going on

so all of a sudden a number of things that I put into motion around the time of my birthday are coming into play.  on the lighter end of things I went in for acupuncture today, very relaxing, not really so bad on the whole needle end of things.  on a more serious note but still a very happy one, I have orientation this week, and will be registering for class on Friday and will be starting class next week.


that’s a whole lot of change.  it may not seem like it but believe me, it is.  I still need to get a laptop and get this, a backpack :) and some regular school supplies.  I’m really excited; I feel like this might just be the first time I made a major decision and had a plan in opposed to stumbling across major decisions and assuming that things would work themselves out.  I know that I have my work cut out for me and that this year (10 months) will be challenging but I have faith that this is going to be a change for the better and that my life will bear a stronger resemblance to what I’d like it to look like from this path in opposed to the one that I am on now.  I will say that turning 40 seemed to bring out a more decisive and purposeful side of me and it is with that purpose driven mindset that I do this.  there is a lot going on right now; but I feel that I am prepared.


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