my (other) personal blog is dead

and I think that Day One nailed the coffin shut.  once upon a time I had a myspace page and I used a pen name.  I love the anonymity that it gave me while still allowing self expression.  and then I met a co-worker who convenced me that a self-hosted wordpress blog was the way to go.

before I knew it I was deeply immersed in learning code and creating graphics to personalize my blog.  only this time I used my name in opposed to an alias and that seemed to sensor my politically incorrect views, I never did figure out how to integrate my zenphoto site with my blog; but it worked and I was happy.  then I migrated from fastweb to dreamhost because 1. I got a sweet deal and 2. a lot of the cool customizations that I wanted to use fastweb did not yet support.  well, when I migrated I lost my original content.  I didn’t actually loose it because it lives in a file on my desktop but I have no idea how to “import” it (see I even forgot the correct term) and at this point I think I also have little interest.

I had begun to slip into a deep depression, that I am now thankfully out of, but being a strong believer in “if you don’t have anything good to say; don’t say anything at all”, I was silent.  for months I was silent and when I did have something good to talk about it dealt with leaving my job so I still didn’t want to put it out there, under my  I think I started the bike blog first, shortly afterwards this one followed and while I don’t think that I’m anonymous here; it’s still not so it would take a little more to find me.  but then I got the Day One app for my notebook and now I seriously don’t think that I’ll ever be going back to my self-hosted blog.  no longer in the habit of receiving comments a digital journal is ideal: I can write what I want, what I’m feeling without censorship.  it feels personal and intimate the way my blog used to feel.  is this just another trend, maybe; but then again, maybe not.  perhaps our society of social media has given me good reason be be bashful.


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