Hello, my name is DeAnne Thomas and I am not a runner; but I have set my mind to becoming a marathoner in 2017.

Sunday before last I was a spectator for the Chicago Marathon and I watched my 70 year old father run (and finish) it for the second year in a row and yesterday I headed home to Detroit to cheer on him and many other strangers as he finished his second marathon in as many Sundays, WITH a personal record despite rain and insole malfunctions caused by the rain. . . .

I’m going to leave that there for a moment to be in awe of my father’s back to back marathon completion.

I get chills thinking about what it must take to compel your body to run for 26.2 miles and honestly they were ALL rock-stars in my mind.  There is such a jumble of feelings that I experience from complete joy at the truly older runners to humbled awe for the blind runner and his guide, you’ve got the ones who want to hype up the crowd as they run by, the walkers, and the ones so focused that you have to scream their names multiple times before they turn around, see you and wave (this was my Dad).  Last year he said that this was going to be his last year because he would now be the youngest in his age group.  He has committed to running next year.

The thought happened as soon as I heard this but then over the next 24 hours while my mind and my daughters laughed at the idea, my friends (actual) on FB suggested I should and at some point in the day I decided to run with him.  THEN I learned that the deadline got moved way up and that applications are due by the end of this month so now the pressure is on to select a charity.  This is a really big deal and I will go into details in my next post.  For now I just wanted to spread my exciting virtual news:

I am going to train for and run the 2017 Chicago Marathon!
(assuming I get a bib through a charity)


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