My application/interest form/fundraising commitment has been submitted and now I’m just waiting for them to say yes.  “Yes, we will allow you to give up your Saturday mornings and most of your social life for about six months while you convince your body to run and get people to donate money to our cause.”

When I think of it that way my nerves are much more calm. In the off chance they have exhausted their guaranteed entries I am going to remain quiet about my selection for the time being and provide a brief overview of a few on my shortlist:

Team Anti-Cruelty Society  This is Meli, she was about 3 months old in this picture, I adopted her from the Anti-Cruelty Society which is a no kill shelter in the Chicago area. When she was adopted they thought that she was 2 months old, she just weighed two pounds and had been spayed and microchipped.  The level of focus that you see on her face . . yeah, it is there all the time and I feel bad for bugs and the inevitable mouse that finds its way into my home.

I went in looking for an orange tabby boy but she choose me and I left her there that evening only to wake up feeling like I needed to go get “Little Miss Personality”.

In the six months that she has been in our lives, my little “monster”  has won us all over. She’s still a small cat with a huge personality and we love her, even Murray, our previous only child who just turned 9.  I get that not everyone is a “pet person”, I am.  My pets have been positive additions to my family and I’m thankful for Anti-Cruelty and organizations like them.

Team World Vision  If you have been following along you may have read that my father ran his first marathon last year at 69.  He mentioned that he was the oldest in his age group and would run again this year as one of the youngest, no doubt an attempt at moving up the ranks in fastest finisher.  Well, he finished this year only to tell me that he is running again next year; and THAT is when I decided to train and run.

In any case, my father runs for World Vision, they do many things for those living in poverty, the funds he raised helped to provide clean drinking water to children in Sub-Saharan Africa.  He isn’t even almost as fast as a Kenyan; but I think that he is pretty awesome and he has inspired me.

Team Golden Apple no, this has nothing to do with the game Mine Craft.  Golden Apple is a non-profit that inspires excellence in Illinois teachers, especially teachers who are in schools-of-need.  I had the good fortune of enrolling my daughter in a Pre-K program run by a recipient, and in the 13 years since then I like to think that I had a friend in Dr. Dee Dee Farmer :)

We lost her not too long ago.  I was shocked and heartbroken, she was part of “my village” and helped me to feel grounded in a city where so many are born and raised here but not me.  A few hours before I learned of her passing I had sent a letter of interest to my first choice charity; immediately I felt torn about my decision thinking that maybe I should instead run in her memory and raise funds to help inspire the next generation of teachers to truly join the villages that raise the children.

I believe that while she would have been flattered, she would have focused on the children and my first choice charity does just that.


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