now what?

The race isn’t until October 8, 2017 and training won’t begin until the spring, so now what?

I need to get in shape.  I am not going to start training to run before the official training begins this spring; but I am going to get in shape.  The current situation is “skinny-fat”: by no means am I overweight; but I am not necessarily fit and while I eat healthy-ish I can definitely eat healthier.

ffcEarlier this year I tried run interval sprints on the treadmill at my gym (this may have been a low key test to see if I enjoyed running enough to join my father in the marathon), I enjoyed this a lot but developed a pain in my hip.  As it turns out this hip pain is actually a common problem with runners who have weak hip muscles.  In my more recent research on what to do in the winter before marathon training begins I have noticed that most articles that I have found about base-training suggest strength training for the core & legs with an emphasis on hips and glutes.  Okay, maybe I read between the lines a little on the emphasis based on the exercises that showed up most but as luck would have it these are my favorite vanity areas to work on ;)

My goal is to get to the gym at least 3 times this week.

The muscles of the hips and buttock help to stabilize your body while running, this cuts back on injuries not to mention that the glutes are the strongest muscle group in our legs.  You see more developed glutes in sprinters because their moves are more explosive; however in distance runners these muscles are not activated as much by the activity itself and because of this the quads can become disproportionately stronger throwing the body off balance.  Personally speaking I was very quad dominant; once I learned that this was a “thing” I made a conscious effort to work the back of my legs resulting in not just a better looking physique but one that had better stability and functioned better when engaging in exercise.

In addition to my various leg exercises I will incorporate a Pilates mat class (this class keeps you from feeling physically old) and once I feel like I’ve woken the muscles of my body up I may even throw in a group cardio.  All and all I’m very excited, really to be fit again, to feel healthy and strong . . . I’ve missed it.


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