another single gym visit week

but still a very productive week in the non-fitness realm. In fact I got so much stuff done I really have no excuse not to hit my three visit goal this week!

The one workout I had was very good and now I’m sore (not hurt) in all the right places. Because I’ve been fit before, I don’t mind these aches, I welcome them. I know that with them and repetition I will get stronger, and as I get stronger I’ll be able to accomplish more. There will be weeks where my professional or personal life may beat out pre-training but with each workout I manage to get in I’m all the more prepared for…..running *gasp*.

I have however been better with my meditation practice and the practice of “belly breathing” (which has always felt a little foreign to me unless I’m laying down so it requires practicing).  Like many new runners I’ve been reading a lot, some stuff seems silly, other stuff makes sense. There was an article on breathing that first and foremost suggests belly breathing while running.  No surprise to me, when you engage in belly breathing you breathe deeper, exercise your diaphragm and really fill your lungs; with continual practice your lungs stretch and begin to take in more air and actually function more efficiently. When you control your exhalations your body holds its form, where as when you inhale your muscles are more loose.  So this breathing practice suggests that you inhale for two steps and exhale for three. By doing this you are alternating the foot that you exhale on and balancing out the loose vs controlled form during the impact of hitting the ground.  Ultimately this is supposed to lead to more a consistent oxygen supply to your muscles (less fatigue) and less injuries since both sides of your body are receiving a “controlled” landing.

So yeah, sitting/breathing meditation may help me run a marathon :)


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