Murphy’s law

Last week I had a very busy but very productive week.  I didn’t hit my gym goal but I got a lot accomplished and that left me very psyched heading into this week . . . and then the cold germs that (my daughter shared) found their way into my system took hold.  UGH!!

Perhaps I should look at this all as a good thing, I am getting all of these types of scenarios out of the way before real training begins so it will be smooth sailing from that point on. maybe
I am always upset by the person who comes to the gym sick, sweating out and breathing germs all over the rest of us, and I refuse to be that person so I’ve been stretching and doing some yoga at home that focuses on balance.  This isn’t where I wanted to be  but it’s not a bad place either.  Bad would be going to gym, over-doing it based on my current state of health and becoming even sicker because my immune system became over taxed.  Oh yeah, and making other people sick in the process.

So my 3 visit goal still stands.


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