For the past few weeks I have had a simple goal, to make it to the gym 3 times in a single week.  Standing between me and my goal has been a few incredibly demanding weeks both personally and professionally, and then I got sick.

My health is not yet 100% but four day weekends are not the norm and well, I just needed to get up there.  I feel like it should be said that I am not and have not been running a fever this week, my coughing spells seem to be limited to 3 am while I am trying to sleep.  This has been consistent for the past week, with or without medicine.  lucky me, so anyway, on to the good stuff; this weeks training:

Sunday – pool running and HIIT type exercises
Thursday – backwards elliptical in reverse mode (pedal backwards for the most part and then forward for a shorter time in intervals determined by the machine – this wakes up the back of my legs so that my quads don’t do all the work), leg day
Friday – backwards elliptical in reverse mode, leg day
Saturday – pool running and core rotations followed by a really long walk because it was a gorgeous day!

Admittedly I felt a bit light headed on Thursday so I cut things short at the first signs of dizziness which only happened when I pushed myself a bit towards the end.  So all and all Thursday was a good day, actually it felt great.  Friday generally was a healthier day so I wanted to see what an uninterrupted leg day would feel like and I’m happy so say that was not one bit of dizziness.  Today I decided to switch things up and head to the pool; my gym only offers a lap pool so I cannot get the impact free workout that I would LOVE to get but I have found that the resistance you get walking, running, doing ballet-like kicks and Tai Chi like core rotations feels great and works my body without the use of weights.  Each day I finished my workout with some time in the steam room.

So there it is, I met and exceeded my gym goal for the week.  :)  Next week I’m aiming to go 3 times again.  In other great news I found out that a friend of mine will be running the marathon next year as well.  She actually runs now so we are by no means on the same page and I’m sure she is way faster than me (I have no idea how fast or slowly I run) but I love the idea that we will be out there together becoming marathon finishers and I’m hoping that there is at least one after work downtown Chicago run in our future because that seems like it could be fun.


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