something’s got to give

My end of year is typically very busy.  My beginning of the year is typically busy.  Come summer, you best believe that I’m busy.  UGH!

morning-exerciseI have this sneaking suspicion that my desire to relax (that encourages me to procrastinate or simply not take care of something at home that needs to get done) only creates more stress and yet another continuation of the “too much to do to spend any time taking care of ME” cycle.  Nothing about this next statement feels good to say but I vaguely recall a time that it worked: they won’t be the perfectly detailed ones where I can work everything that I want, but maybe I need to go to the gym in the morning.

not much of a selfie person so just imagine a lot completely lacking in enthusiasm

IF I find that I have more energy and that I feel better and that my level of fitness increases it will be much easier to keep this thing going.  Let’s hope that this is the case and that ultimately the feeling of overall exhaustion does not increase because this will mean 30 minutes less sleep on a nightly basis.  (I’m fighting back whiny sleepy-baby tears).  The cold weather and darkness are not making this any easier.

I’ll stop my whining now and pack my gym bag.  I do know that preparing the night before makes a big difference in whether or not I go and assuming I make it, how much of a workout I can get in before it’s time to get ready for work.


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