goodies, gear and good cheer!

Happy Holidays!  For many this has been a very challenging year to say the very least, it was down right hard, and I would not be honest if I said that I was not looking forward to its end. . . but before I get started down that rabbit hole I’d like to invite you all to pause, take a look around, and love what you see.

Maybe you’ve got family, maybe you’ve got a fur baby or two, you definitely have a home and if you are reading this you also have internet access.  I pray that you have your health
and that at some point today you consume a good meal and see a genuine smile or two.  Ifullsizerender feel very fortunate that in addition to health, family, furs (what I call my cats not a garment to be worn) I got some goodies this year :)  ok, I’m truly geeked right now!

Yesterday I splurged on a new coat and boots and “Santa” gave me a Garmin Forerunner 235 which I have been obsessing over since the unboxing.  When training begins this spring this will be my partner as my body learns to become a distance runner.  The postal carrier will be bringing a belt for my keys & phone, multi-style headband to keep my hair out of my face and a smoothie blender bottle; apparently committing to training gave the people in my life a way to shop for me. As cliche as it sounds, socks would have been a great gift this year too ;)

I like the gifts, but I LOVE their support.  I feel truly blessed.


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