. . . okay / not ok

As it turned out, I got a lemon of a watch.  Everything seemed to work fine with the exception of the HR monitor and after a day, multiple hard and soft resets I accepted the reality that a trip to BB was in order to exchange the watch.  However, heading to BB after Christmas for a return was not high on my list of things I really want to do so I wore the watch three more days sans a HR monitor.  (I’m here so we know that it’s working)

The running watch that I had functioned as a general fitness tracker, a sleep monitor and a smart watch, that is rather large albeit pretty comfortable: these are all pros.  The cons, besides the hardware issue were largely related to size, intuitive interface and MY reality that I won’t be running until spring and as of this moment I am committed to running a single marathon – but completely open to finding a new passion in the process.  So in truth I was sporting a huge smart watch that vibrated really hard with each notification. The size looks fine when wearing workout clothes; but going to work not so much. This would not have crossed my mind if I did not know that the new item I removed from the box did not work and that I had to go back to BB to make an exchange.

An exchange . . . what if I got a smartwatch that was a better smartwatch, a good fitness tracker and could still tell me my distance, pace and time once training season begins and would look better during the majority of my life when I am not wearing workout clothes?  Yeah, I was on to something and my months of research for the best running watch were spiraling as I started to look at other options and do my research.

I decided to switch things up and get an apple watch, it can do all the things that I was going to use my running watch for and all the bonus features that the running watch was not so great at.  There are people out there who will question it’s accuracy; I think that for my level of performance it will be just fine.  Then there is the battery life issue; because of my children I’ll always have my phone on me, I doubt I’ll listen to music while I run because I like to be aware of my surroundings and I don’t mind charging devices at night while I sleep, every night.  The one thing that it does not do it function as a sleep monitor, my Jawbone UP3 is actually great at that so I’m good.  This short paragraph took my brain a while to commit to, largely because I did not know BB’s return policy and they were not answering the phone when I would call and also the hesitant reviews from VERY SERIOUS runners who really do put that level of performance above all else.

So I make my decision (before getting to BB) and all I have to do now is pick a size and band . . . . I decided on the38mm because I have small wrists and the larger size was like a rectangle of what I was returning, the Nike+ version because that’s the best band for exercise and I’ll get a different band for everyday, then it came down to color.  Space Gray (black) or Silver.  My first choice was the Silver with Flat Silver & White band – out of stock, both sizes.  Okay, how about Silver with Flat Silver & Volt (neon yellow) band, I’m bold when it comes to color and this is pretty subtle?  First the guys looks at the larger size, I tell him no the smaller one, they have it – cool I can get it by the 30th, of December? yes, bet.  The exchange gets completed and I get home and open the email of the transaction:

Space Gray watch with Black & Volt band . . . .

SMH . . . I decided that’s fine, I like the Space Gray watch as well and this way it won’t look anything like the stainless (sliver) watch that I already own.  He got the size right but I can’t help but to think that the price difference didn’t steer him in the right direction.  Some time between now and pick-up I’ll get a second band; but not sight unseen, and not ordered, and not from BB – I’ll go straight to the mothership.


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