progress: (I’ve actually had some)

In the past seven days I have made it to the gym three times, on both personal and professional fronts last week was very demanding so this feels like quite an accomplishment!  My youngest daughter thinks it is all because of the blender, I know that that getting an email from my running coach (suggesting 10 minutes of core work each morning and running 3 days a week in February and 4 days a week in March), had a lot to do with it.  And the weather has been nice, nice weather always gives me more energy.
My personal commitment will be more like 3 days a week in March and 4 days a week in April of running, I can do the 10 minutes of ab work starting now.  The weather is still very iffy and to be perfectly honest I have no idea how people run in the cold months, hats off to you Kim and others like you!  This week at the gym I had 1 day of ballet sculpt, 1 day of pilates mat and 1 day of strength training.

Actually my running team was invited to go out this Saturday for a social run in the country.  I legitimately had a lot planned yesterday and did not join in; but I did get to the gym.  And today I set up my fundraising page, feel free to stop by and donate to my campaign (not me personally).  There is also a link at the top of my page but I’m not sure if I can keep it with a wordpress hosted blog, we shall see.

In non-running or fitness related news my TMA STITCH! Team made a lot of progress on our entry.  I love that we have a team of very active participants and then a slew of others who might chime in with a good idea here or there.  Of course this extracurricular activity comes at a time when work is VERY busy, when is that not that case??  I do not know, I do not know. . . My goal this week is to match last weeks (3) gym visits and to have a very safe drive to Detroit to visit my dear friend Lore :)


2 thoughts on “progress: (I’ve actually had some)

  1. Great work last week and I hope you can get those three visits in this week too! Your coach has the right idea with that progression! :)

    Ahh, winter running. All about the layers. And for me, covering my face! (and a HOT bath when I get home!)


    1. I hope that by next month the weather is more mild than cold. So that I can actually start running. I’ve been doing a lot to strengthen my hips and core (fingers are crossed that I’m ready).


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