my first run!


It’s President’s Day and my firm is closed, it is also a beautiful 47 degrees outside at 5-something am and I woke up early as usual so why not make today the day :)  I ran (ran/walked) for 10 minutes which was just under a mile, according to my watch I was at a 10:18/mile pace which is surprisingly good if you ask me!  I did not stop the app so it continued my cool down walk home; my combined pace is 12/mile.


My official marathon training does not begin for a few more months and while that will train me to run a marathon my body isn’t used to running.  It has been suggested by my coach to commit to running 3X week in February and 4X week in March, I’m going to push that back a bit and make it 3X week in march and 4X week in April until his program kicks in.

So what do I think of the NRC app/watch integration?  I’d say I like it.  Within the app I indicated that I was just getting started which was how I was given the 10 minute goal.  When I was ready to start my run I did just that and when I hit the 10 minute mark I was told my pace but the app kept tracking me.  At one point I kneeled down to tie my shoe, it told me the workout was paused and within 2 steps of moving again it told me the workout was back on.  Now that I’m all done I’m able to see my “records” which were all set today but will adjust with time: fastest mile, fastest 1K, 5K, 10K, farthest run, longest run, 13.1 and 26.2.  I like the idea of seeing how my best days have been and watching my progress.

The map (in this urban environment) is very accurate, you can see my stop and start points as well as there I was running harder though I’m not sure if the color relates to my heartbeat or my actual pace.  I did have my phone with me which may have aided in accuracy.

I see myself running without headphones.  I could hear the audio prompts from my watch while it was under a sleeve; but I wonder how well I’d be able to hear it when more “life” was going on around me.  My guess is that this is an area where headphone wearers win.

Before I sat down to write I made a post run breakfast smoothie.  So there you have it, I woke up, ran a 10 minute mile, DIDN’T PASS OUT, had a smoothie and decided to share the news :) HAPPY MONDAY!


2 thoughts on “my first run!

    1. I completed the full week! I did postpone the Saturday morning run to Sunday but only because it was way too cold for me. It was cold this morning too; but I did it and I’m proud of myself :)


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