The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a step. Last week I started my pre-training training, and I made it through the full week (I wrote this on Monday and never actually posted it; I’ve been sticking to this week too). In fairness that was only 3 runs but two of those were pre-dawn and the last was very cold. It was supposed to be even colder but I postponed it a day so that I could get a long sleeve running top or two and a hat (it was still cold Sunday; but about 10 degrees warmer). In addition to my long run/walk I had a thorough “leg day” at the gym on Sunday. I’ve read (and it seems logical) that you should pair your running and gym workouts so that your body can truly recover. These first few weeks may be a little tough but I think I’ll benefit long term.  Today was an easy run and tonight I’m doing yoga.

This morning I had a bit of an “aha” moment when I realized that the red/orange portion of my run map is when I was walking and the yellow is when I was actually running, this makes me wonder what color it turns when someone sprints???  An hour or so later I decided not to run the app during warm-up or cool down, as I have been, so that I’m getting a more accurate picture of my progress. I don’t necessarily plan my run so that I end up on my door step so my walk home may throw things off in both distance and time. This also means that a ten minute run is just that, not twenty including a walk with a jog thrown in a block from home.

My other training epiphany actually came to me while I was running: it’s okay to push myself, I’m not fragile. Before you throw up a red flag I don’t mean REALLY push myself, I just mean to not let myself give up so easily and just start walking because my body is working harder than normal. Yes, I still walked today (a lot) but less than I did a week ago when I woke up to 47 degrees and the day off.  For this, I am #proudofmyself.

If you want to see something cool, search #proudofmyself on twitter :) so many people are celebrating the little things, and it’s great!  (I came across nothing inappropriate when I did this).


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