I get to run (today)!

I ever so slightly jumped the gun and started my journey to becoming a runner prior to actual marathon training. Maybe it was the ATYPICAL February weather, maybe it was my excitement about my upcoming accomplishment, whatever the reason I did it.

I am up for work at 5, so factor in running and I’m up at 4:30. This time of year the sun has not risen before I’ve completed my run so whatever the nighttime low was, is the temp I’m dealing with and to be honest it really isn’t that bad. On the weekend days when it kinda is, I just push it a few hours or maybe until the next day so that I get a little more warmth. 

This year I get to run the Chicago Marathon which is something that most don’t get a chance to do. I’ll be doing it to help teens that I will probably never meet and when I go to bed on October 8th of this year it will be with a whole new accomplishment under my belt and a fancy medal to show for it.  But the whole point is that I get to run and that is a privelage that not everyone has. My neighborhood is safe enough for me to do this. My body is healthy enough for me to do this. My children are independent enough for me to do this. My job can be demanding but I only have the one to work around. I know enough people that I should be able to make my fundraising goal. I don’t take any of this for granted, so when I say that I get to run today I’m not just psyching myself up. I am embracing the reality of my fortunate circumstances that allow me to do such things out of desire and not any sort of necessity. 

I get to run today!


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