better than expected

At some point in time I decided that I would run Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week.  Sunday evening, I laid out everything that I would need for my run.  Monday I woke up, got ready and went.  Monday evening, I headed to the gym and had a really good workout.

Tuesday is a rest day.  This particular Tuesday was an incredibly long work day (7:00 am to 8:30 pm). I will admit that I didn’t eat the best dinner and I don’t feel like I drank enough water throughout the day.  Tuesday night I felt very iffy about going for a run in the morning.  I checked the weather, cold, I thought about the cheeseburger that I had just eaten and reluctantly I laid out my running clothes and at about 10:45 I fell asleep.

5:00 am Wednesday morning my alarm goes off, this isn’t going to be pretty but I have to do it.  I get dressed and I head out, same 1.48 miles as Monday.  This doesn’t have to be pretty, I just need to get through it.  I get to the stop sign at East, make it to the light at OP Ave, head around the park and reach a standard block where I take a measured walk break (the short block only and no streets included) back to my run and I get home.

I remembered to smile, I remembered to be thankful that my neighborhood is safe enough for me to do this and that my body is healthy enough to do this.

I stopped the app, went upstairs and laid on my bed, not wanting to because I was sweaty but needing to because I was still honestly tired.  My watch and my phone sync and low & behold according to the app I ran better Wednesday than I did Monday.  Same distance, faster time and less orange spots (walking breaks and general slowdowns).

. . . . and the point is?

Failure is an inherent part of the process so the risk of failing should never stop you from taking action, especially because sometimes, sometimes, you will find that you don’t perform as poorly as predicted.  Just get out there and give it what you’ve got in that moment, you can’t ask for anything else.


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