race yes / competition no

The inevitable happened: I had a run that “technically” wasn’t as good as my previous run. I am certain that this is going to happen again, in fact I think that it will happen multiple times between now and October 8th. And that is OKAY.

Monday I ran for the first time in my new shoes for my longest run yet (2.22 miles) and I did it at a pace that was under 10 minutes/mile, about thirty seconds “better” than my previous run. Maybe it was the new shoes or the thinner socks that I was wearing, maybe it was the full nights rest that I had gotten the night before, maybe it was the sunshine (the sun had already risen) or the warmer temperature and my thermally ideal outfit for the weather. It could have even been the hint of rain. I don’t know. I do know that I am very proud of that run. Today, with the exception of my route things were pretty normal: 5:00 am, cooler temps, maybe a little over dressed and thicker socks. My pace was 10’23″/mile which is pretty average for me right now.I don’t want to become fixated on any of these times. I’m going much faster than I would be at home. I’m running much longer than I ever would on a treadmill (I just don’t like them) and when I’m running, I’m running the best that I am capable of in that moment. So I’m good.  

Don’t get me wrong, there is a competitive streak in me. I’m just aware of the reality that running is new for me and right now I’m actually starting to like it. My intent is to approach this in a way that allows me to continue liking it, even after October 8th.


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