recipe for success

follow the recipe

I’ve not had that experience where you follow a well written recipe and it just doesn’t work. I have however had some experimental fails, or learning opportunities, where either I didn’t have all the ingredients or I thought that I had a better idea and proceeded to make modifications accordingly.  Some of those improvisations worked out well.  But I typically don’t attempt them when the stakes are high.

A few weeks ago I started foundation training for the marathon.  Prior to that I had been taking baby steps in learning to run.  I would go slow for set durations, taking walking breaks as needed but really trying to extend the amount of time that I was actually running with each run or week.
Foundation training is different, it’s run/walk; the durations of time still increase weekly but instead of running until you need to take a break you have scheduled walk breaks.  There are a lot of advocates for the run/walk or Galloway method, especially for beginning runners, because it increases the efficiency of your heart & lungs and prepares your body for the repeated impact that will come with the many miles between now and the finish line.

base training

This is a clip of my current training.  I was running for 30 minutes when this all started but with 3 maybe 4 breaks; not 7!  Let me tell you, the scheduled walk breaks may sound easier but this is still kicking my butt.  I feel like run/walking works your heart more because you never really get a chance to setting in to running.  It really gets beating and then it’s time to walk so it calms down only to get ramped up again; from a pace perspective I’m still at the 10’30”-ish/mi pace.  The other big adjustment is the walks on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, where as before I could sleep in just a little bit longer. . .

. . . full disclosure I took this Thursday off because it was raining and cold at 5:00am and I didn’t want to walk in cold wet raining conditions for half an hour.  #andI<3donuts!

Tomorrow’s run will be 40 minutes along the lake at 47 degrees with TWV and this is my recipe for a solid marathon training foundation.  I’ll stick to this plan until the Saturday they run (run/walk) for 55 minutes, that’s when I begin with Team ELH and the running begins!


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