am I ready for my first race . . .

I really hadn’t thought of it as a race so much as a “fun run” or an alternative training day.  On Thursday of this week I will be running the in JPMC Corporate Challenge with my office.  The course is 3.5 miles and technically it is a race.

jpmc chase challenge

I am kinda excited and I’m looking forward to spending time with my coworkers doing something that I’m really beginning to enjoy.  I’ll let the people who want to race race; I’ll focus on finishing, having fun and not getting hurt.


3 thoughts on “am I ready for my first race . . .

  1. You are totally ready! And that is the right mindset (fun run) for the Corporate Challenge. It’s super crowded and it can be a bit frustrating (in that you can’t always run consistently because there are so many people doing different paces all over). Just so ya know, it’s a 3.5 miler! :) Can’t wait to hear about it!!!


    1. I don’t know why I thought it was a 5k…in either case it is still a distance that I have run (mostly) before.
      It feels good to KNOW I have done this distance on multiple occasions. :) and there most certainly will be an update post!


    2. OH MY GOSH it was so crowded! So so crowded. Between the walkers and the super aggressive runners it was a bit of a mess; but fun. I’m happy that I did it and thankful to now have experience with: corrals, water stations, large crowds (runners) and seeing a finish line.


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