Wednesday I joined about 27,000 people in what is possibly the largest corporate team building event to exist, ever; the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.

Did we support & encourage each other? Yes
Did we drive through rush hour for a start-line send off – I mean did we go above and beyond to demonstrate that WE ARE A TEAM? Yes
Did we as individuals do our best while donning our company logo? Yes
Did we stay around until the last man was in? Yes

I’d say I have a pretty awesome team! #thankful

The course was crowded (27,000 people covering 3.5miles) and I strongly believe that course marshals reminding the walkers to stay to the right would have been VERY beneficial.  About half of our run was on Intermediate (Lower) Wacker Drive and Intermediate Randolph, not the prettiest run but definitely different.

img_2381This is my apps record of the run: the orange is reflective of the stop/go/hurry/slow pace brought about by the walkers and at some on Lower Wacker the GPS had me going across the river which did not actually happen.  The finish line was around a corner and seeing it brought about a rush of adrenaline that was pretty awesome (all runs should end at a formal finish line).  The weather was perfect, warm enough for waiting in the corrals, cool enough to run in.


3 thoughts on “JPMCC

  1. I am happy you had such a fun time with your team! :) And… man, I am not sure if they can do anything for the walkers! People are just gonna go where they want to.


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