my week of training

On Saturday 5/20 my marathon training officially began with Team ELH, we met at Oz Park and as a slower member of the team we ran around the park in loops.  I made it around five times before the clouds opened up and the cold rain started . . . time to call it a day.  Saturday was also my daughters prom and I had hand maiden duties awaiting me.

I didn’t run again until Tuesday because I just didn’t feel too great.  It wasn’t the cold rain, it was my allergies.  I discovered a new medicine, Nasacort, and my life is different (seriously).  So Tuesday I go for a run and about two thirds of the way through I get a horrible side stitch.  I stop the run and keep walking, start to feel better so I start a new run and it comes back.  :|

Wednesday was the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, 3.5 miles with my coworkers and I’ve had a terrible week of running so far.  I finished as I predicted I would, between 35-40 minutes.  I listed to my father and my coach, if you see water drink.  I don’t carry anything with me and this clearly was not going to be a PR.  Throwing my used cup on the ground felt so wrong, so so wrong.

Saturday I was back at Oz Park, it’s a beautiful little park but I did not want to run around it for an hour, apparently no one else on our team wanted to either so we headed to the lake after a round of dynamic stretches.  The weather was beautiful (thank you Dad for discouraging the long sleeved shirt) and running through Lincoln Park was a nice alternate to the Oz Park loop.  We ran past/through the zoo and headed north along the lake.  30 out then 30 in.  When we hit our turn around point my running partner decided to keep going a bit stating that she would catch up to me.  I felt great but knowing that I still had half an hour to go I didn’t want to over commit, my previous long run record was 50 minutes and this week had not exactly been perfect in the training department.

Most of my runs are solo sans music, so being alone was not a problem and the inner trail of the lake front is a beautiful place to run.  Not too long into my return I saw a familiar face (figure really, I didn’t have on my glasses but I recognized the orange shirt and the tall figure), it was one of the TWV runners from my Dad’s team.  They run in pace groups so at this point I knew I would be seeing my father shortly.  Two more groups of familiar faces and as I hit the pedestrian tunnel there he was leading his group.  I think that it took a minute to register with him that I was running past him but it was really cool seeing them all out there, I kinda miss running with a large organized group and then enjoying a post-run breakfast.  My partner never did catch up with me.  I continued along the path until I noticed that nothing looked familiar.  Mentally I played back the way that I went out and at no point did I remember basketball courts, so I asked a stranger and sure enough I missed my turn, the zoo was behind me.  I found my way to Oz Park and I was at 4.93 miles and not quite 60 minutes so with one more loop I broke the 5 mile barrier :D and hit my target time!  Once all the runners had returned we finished up with a round of static stretching and a reminder that Sunday is not a rest day, it is a recovery day so RUN.  When I got home I checked my app and got some awesome news, I had all negative splits!

Regulating pace is a challenge for me so I am particularly proud of this!

Sunday was recovery day, our instructions were to listen to your body above all else but to run 20-30 minutes.  I’ve decided my recovery day goal is to run half of my long run so long as my body is in agreement.  So, thirty minutes with pre and post run stretches.  I was up early and finished before so many other runners even got started, and this time I tried running with music.  The week started off bleh but I feel like I ended strong so I am pleased!


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