not a real runner. . .

Says who!?!  (usually non-runners)

There are a lot of people who run faster than me, that does not mean that they are real runners and I’m not.  It means that they are faster.

I am up somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00 am on days that I run (4-5 days a week). I’ve run when it was 27 degrees outside and the sun had not yet begun to shine. I talk about running more than my immediate family cares to hear about it. I plan for it, I prepare for it and I know that I’ll feel so much better for having done it.  Get this: I even enjoy it.

Every runner is different, we each have our own race to run and our own personal goals and I cheer them all on (myself included-I commonly root for myself during my runs).  In that moment they CHOSE to move beyond a calm resting heart rate and a sweat-free brow, they chose to run.  As someone who clearly recalls not being a runner I can attest that running was no where on my list of things to do.  ever.

Now that I got that off my chest, here’s a recap of my week in training, this is week 5 of marathon training:

Monday – turned into a recovery day thanks to an “emergency” condo meeting that lasted way too long. . .
Tuesday – 3.89 miles
Wednesday – core and strength training (leg day)
Thursday – 3.71 miles
Friday – REST DAY (and boy was I thankful)
Saturday – 8 miles, of some rolling hills along the North Branch of the Chicago river, this was my longest run EVER (by a couple of miles) but it felt good and afterwards even I took a decent selfie.
Sunday – 3.1 miles (Shake of Sunday / Just Do It Sunday 5k), I took NO walking breaks and had all negative splits, average pace 10’14” :) then I took a classic Pilates mat class and indulged in the steam room.

The week prior to this was NeoCon and I feel off the wagon, so I knew that this week was going to be challenging.  Having no long run the week prior was definitely felt yesterday.  Actually yesterday was the first time I truly felt fatigue while running; I chose to take walk breaks because the distance was a few miles longer than I had run before and starting back up got harder and harder after the half-way point.  This morning I didn’t wake up so stiff that moving was painful but I did feel it in my quads which tells me that I need to focus on strengthening my hamstrings and glutes, I’m sure the mild terrain played a factor in my muscle soreness; but I’d rather train smarter than hope for flat runs.

Sunblock makes me sweat.  For obvious reasons I want to protect my skin, so I’ll probably struggle through this; but OMG does sunblock make my face extra sweaty, and makes it beads up.  I use a physical sunblock (zinc oxide instead of chemicals) maybe I’d have different results if I went with a chemical sunscreen??  This is the second zinc based sunscreen that I’ve tried (the first dripped into my eyes),  I’m afraid that the chemical based product will be even more prone to dripping into my eyes so I’m reluctant to give it a shot.  I’ve been using the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc; it does leave a slight cast (makes my yellow undertones look more pink) but it does not drip into my eyes and after multiple face blottings with my shirt I still felt like I had to wash it off because it was still there.  On my body I used Bare Republic Clearscreen, I don’t feel like it made me any sweatier and I didn’t burn or noticeably tan but then I was largely running a tree covered path.  It smells pretty good, didn’t make my skin feel immediately sticky/dirty.  This one is a spray, if you choose to try it don’t forget that you still should rub it in for even distribution.

So there it is, my week back on the wagon.  Today’s run was a prime example of how training makes all the difference so I am all the more committed to sticking to it this week.  I kept catching myself creeping up in pace, which feels good, but I need to train to sustain that pace for longer durations.  I think it may be doable.


3 thoughts on “not a real runner. . .

  1. Ugh, sunblock sweat. I have been trying for years to find something that doesn’t make me feel horrible. I bet a chemical one would make you sweat even more!


    1. If I think about it during the week I’ll test it out before the long run, the other downside is that I’m not so sure that one round of washing my face gets it all but I’m not exactly trying to scrub it either…


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