I started my new trip around the sun with a run along the lake with a new group of friends, I had a good breakfast then took a solid 3 hour nap.  I’ve had a productive weekend, I’ve had a well weekend, I’ve had a healthy weekend and if this sets the stage for the coming year I am in for such a beautiful time!

Marathon training is coming along nicely, I am on target.  I had a few hiccups dealing with a sense of obligation but made the choice to honor my feelings and I am happy with my decision: my official training group was technically just fine but I found myself running solo for the Saturday long runs and this was not my preference.  I have gone back to training with Team World Vision, my father’s team.  I trained with them during my foundation training and it feels good to be running with them again.  Just as you should listen to your body, you need to listen to your spirit.

If anyone were to ask me I would tell them that having a training program that feels right to them is essential.  This week was a cutback week but before that I officially made my debut in the double-digit club by running 10 miles!  It felt great and I felt as though I could have run longer.  Yesterday was the last time I will run single digit miles until the taper in September.  Between now and then the miles are on the increase with an occasional cut-back week for recovery.  I’m so excited!

(photo & caption thanks to my youngest)


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