halfway point (said in my best NRC+ female voice)

I have reached the halfway point in my marathon training and 77% of my fundraising goal. Today is August 7th and two months from today I'll probably be at the expo and trying to get some sleep because in the morning I'm going to run the marathon.
Yup, just like that ;)

Things have gotten really real.
This Saturday I ran a 6k so that Getahun (Gae-Ta-Hun) could have clean water. I ran what he typically has to walk just to bring water to his family, except I didn't have to carry a heavy Jerry Can. I picked one up (its heavy). I saw half a dozen guys carry one the full 6k and once again I was reminded of how fortunate I am.

I am very fortunate indeed.

The training miles are rapidly increasing, tomorrow morning I'll run 7 miles, and on Saturday 15 :0

I've decided to get a monthly membership is a sports recovery facility. My only injury to date is a large blister and I'd love to keep it that way.
I like running, my biggest hurdle lately is the time commitment. Morning runs equate to not getting to work early and waking up before 5:00 am six days a week. But when I miss a run I feel weird, one day off feels like DAYS.

Most of this post fits into the category of things I never would have expected I would be saying!

I love it when a plan comes together!

After a few weekends of mulling over my “perfect” pitch letter last Friday I pulled the trigger and sent it out: to coworkers, personal contacts and many of my LinkedIn contacts (as of this moment I’m about 2/3 of the way through all of my contacts).  The magical thing was that within five minutes of sending the email I got a donation!  If you are interested in sponsoring a portion of my marathon there is a link at the upper right of this blog, I’ll thank you again; but thank you!

147939641468551In addition to officially starting my fundraiser I decided that my slight cold had lifted enough that it was time to get back into the gym:  Sunday – leg and core, Monday – Ballet Sculpt (barre meets mat), Wednesday – core and leg.  Things were going great, I was getting in some well needed gym time.

By Tuesday my fundraiser had surpassed 25% of my goal of $2,620 or $100/mile.  By Thursday I had hit 50% and as of last night I am at 57%; one week after I sent out the bulk of my initial donation request letters.  I have to be honest in that seeing the support of my friends, family and colleagues roll in like this made me feel like a champion!  As Friday rolled around the weather shifted to temperate spring, so that morning I (woke up before my alarm) and went for my first run in about three weeks.

In my slight break I came to a few conclusions: I need to go slow now to go faster later and that to get to where I want to go, I need to push myself a bit.  So, per usual, I laid my outfit out the night before; had a really good idea of the route; made a conscious effort to keep it slow and steady with a goal to run for about 10 minutes.  I ran 1.3 miles with only TWO short, walk breaks.  For me this was really awesome!  It felt like a slower pace than I want but my heart and lungs are not used to running and until they get there I need to be more moderate.  At the very end I sped up to where I wanted to be and it’s clear that I have some building to do, and that’s okay.

Last week started with a plan of action for fundraising and training and all of the steps that went into those plans paid off.  This won’t always be an option because life will come in and changes things around; but man you gotta love it when it all comes together!