you run the race you trained for

I didn’t think I would start the year off with a running analogy, especially since I have not run in a while; but the statement is true for most of what life throws at you.  I think that trick is knowing when you are in training and knowing when you are in a race.

Any time you leave your house to go for a run it is go time, today when I make my dreadmill debut – it will be go time; but this is all a part of training.  Every day when you face the many different aspects of your life you are in training the “races” are relatively rare but when they come, they matter.  Going back to the analogy: Chicago offers the full array of weather between April and October which means that you get the opportunity to train in cold, heat, humidity, high winds, darkness, full sun, amongst the cyclists, tourists and dog walkers, with and without water stations – the benefit to all of these elements that can make a run less than ideal is that you have to deal with them.  When you deal with them, in most cases on multiple occasions, you learn how to best deal with them, they are a part of your training so when your race day arrives you know how to handle these curveballs.

Well, this new year or our resolutions can be seen as “the race” and chances are we are going to encounter many of the same elements that were deemed as unfavorable last year.  See all the things that keep you from achieving your resolution as training opportunities and acknowledge when you successfully meet them head on.  If it is hard for you to get to the gym, be happy when you do instead of just beating yourself up for not having a great workout.  If you are trying to eat healthy but have soft spot for artesian doughnuts . . . enjoy the balanced meals so that the doughnut is a true treat.  Maybe shopping is your vice, try switching your gratification from now owning a “thing” to owning a bank account with a larger number.  We all have an area of our lives that we would like to improve and as long as we will have a tomorrow that means that this is still a training exercise.

It is too cold for ME to run outside but I’d really like to go for a run, so I’m committing to at least one mile on the treadmill.  It’s 1 degree Farenheit outside . . there’s no race in MY life that requires this training.  However the mental stamina of dealing with the treadmill is of use.

New year, always improving me!  Happy 2018 :)


what just happened??

NeoCon, corporate entertaining, alumni events, graduations and training derailment. 

I have missed two morning runs and a couple of workouts. I might be too tired to really feel bad and I know that after this week I’ll be back on track:

I need to get a (multiple) good nights sleep, stay hydrated, eat vegetables, wear flat supportive shoes and get back into my training routine. This time next week – I’ll have a whole new story!

yum . . . healthy

kale-blueberry-smoothieThis weeks progress: I’ve been eating a little better, last night I actually got a NutriBullet smoothie blender/soup maker (I’ll have to tell you about the soup on another day after I’ve tried it) and it looks like 90% of my office will be participating in a 5k charity run late this spring.

The charily run is the JPMC Corporate Challenge and it’s a walk/run event.  For those of you who do not know 5k is 3.5 miles.  I’ve been in contact with my running coach and it looks like that distance would be a good foundation for marathon training so I’m super psyched and looking forward to warmer weather so that I can actually start running.

Our first smoothie was: kale, blueberry, avocado, strawberry, pineapple, chia seed, hemp seed with matcha and coconut water.  The fruit was largely frozen, texture was creamy and it largely tasted like not much of anything. . . . yum.  It was actually very satisfying and the blender was easy to use.  I do NOT want to evaporate into a really tiny version of me from running so I’m determined to introduce healthier proteins into my diet and I do love a good smoothie; but I have a lot of experimentation ahead of me when it comes to making something that tastes great and fresh, in-season fruit would probably help too, I’ll get there.