it is not often that I get to enjoy the sound, the sight and the smell of a summer rain . . . this is nice


I had a dream (a bad-ish dream)

runner stadium start positionthat it was time for me to run a marathon and I had not done a single day of training (I realized this when the man said “ready, set go”.  But being the optimist that I am I thought to myself that I could walk/run it because I’m a pretty fast walker but when I looked at my wrist I didn’t have my watch on.

So I did my best and just started moving.  At first running felt weird and completely unnatural but then I’d have periods of time in which I seemed to be finding my groove . . . there were a number of other details that while very vivid I will not get into because it would take me completely off topic.  Ultimately I woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed by the task of needing to run 26.2 miles with no training, no tools and none of the support that I feel the Chicago marathon offers.  Thankfully it was just a dream and I’ve got a good nine months before I will be put to the test.

My daughter will be finishing high school very soon and I imagine this is how she and many of her contemporaries feel about stepping out into the real world.  They thought that they were just fine until they realized that they needed to be ready NOW and that all the things that they thought would help them are suddenly gone or of no use. . . You just have to keep a positive mindset, try to figure it out (keep trying), eventually you’ll have more instances where what you are doing feels right . . . because you may find yourself lost in a strange part of the city with a post-apocalypse Toys R Us after having been chased by a dog and wearing a wrist guard (think carpal tunnel) . . .it was a really strange and vivid dream.

I’ve been quiet (or at least very introspective)

Since the last post I’ve experienced a roller coaster of emotions, present moment things seem to be settling in a good place and I’ll keep the focus there: my Apple Watch came in a day early and I feel like this is a better fit for me, my goals and my general life style (absolutely zero traders remorse).  I had a few days of workout bliss and then I had a crazy week at work; but it’s back to bliss this week ;)  Speaking of work, I got a promotion.

So for all of the turbulence that 2017 came in with, I’m happy to say that it’s calm now.  So I’m going to make as much progress as I can before things begin to get bumpy again.



I have to admit that 2012 turned out pretty alright for me.  it’s not like I became suddenly wealthy, but I did seem to suddenly figure out what it is that I want to do and with that I have found success, and this calm and a whole bunch of energy!

it’s a little scary to think about changing everything but turns out that is exactly what I needed to do.  my first quarter of school went really well and in a few weeks I’ll start on the second, before I know it I’ll be walking across the stage in August  :)