I haven’t been running. First there were thunder storm, then I had to move my daughter out of her dorm and back home, and THEN I caught this nasty southern Illinois bug that knocked me on my butt.

More than a week of running a fever, a throat raw from coughing, a head so congested I couldn’t really think straight and ultimately a trip to the emergency room. The gave me meds, I took them. I’m fever free and can breathe now. . . the cough is still hanging around.

I missed my week day runs. I missed the Global 6k for Water, I couldn’t even volunteer because it got so bad. Tonight is the JPMC Corporate Challenge and I intend to walk it. Saturday will be my first run back and if I’m being honest, I’m nervous AF.

I’m nervous not just because this is the longest training interruption I’ve ever had, but I’ve been so wiped out that I don’t know how my body is going to handle the stress of breathing and pumping blood and oh yeah, running. I’ll let you know how this all works out.


today (May 4th)

It’s interesting to me how certain days get great meaning. Nineteen years ago on this day I became someone’s mother. It was already the birthday of a good friend (I seem to collect Taurus’), and years later I learned that she also shares the day with one of my favorite clients.

About six/seven years after Teya was born I learned that today is also Star Wars day; this brought me delight but my daughter is not so keen on the notoriety of her birthday.

Today is also the anniversary of the day one of my best friends lost her battle with cancer.

May 4th very quietly became one of the most important days of the year to me. . . More than ever (since last year) I’ve been trying to figure out how to tap into “the force” or that energy from which we all were made and to which we all return.

here we go!

I pretty much stopped running after last years Chicago marathon; yes, there was the Frank Lloyd Wright race but I really wasn’t into it and to be honest it showed (my photos looked strained, I didn’t have fun, and my time kinda sucked).  Not quite a month ago was the Shamrock Shuffle and I had a great time and surprised myself.

North Avenue Beach

A few weeks after that base training officially began and last weekend the group met up for their first lakefront run. . . it was cold, rainy and very windy – I did not join them.  I think I went to the gym instead.  If I’m being honest I have to tell you that the weather has seriously hampered by desire to be outside (I’ve done about 60% of my weekly runs), I’ve even accepted that running on the treadmill isn’t so bad; but really I’ve been okay sleeping and doing stability exercises to strengthen my hips so that I do not experience the issues I had towards the end of last year.  Despite the dreary weather I am actually excited about the start of training. This phase is all about getting your body used to running again, so it is more about minutes and less about mileage.  The real training begins in June; hopefully by then my runs/strength and stability training/food and sleep will all be more second nature.  And if I’m REALLY LUCKY my watch/app/phone will all be on the same page.  (I am currently very irritated with NRC+/Apple Watch but just cannot bring myself to buy another running watch but that is a post for another day)

I feel like I know what I need to be doing, I know what my weaknesses are: physically and mentally and I’m looking forward to a great training season and a great race.  This is me afterwards, the overcast skies allowed me to wear a headband instead of something with a visor and I wore purple because it has been two years since Prince transitioned to a star in the sky.



if it is ever going to be, it first must begin

Tomorrow is the Shamrock Shuffle, the last Sunday in March and the beginning of running season. My outfit is laid out, bib pinned to my outer layer. My check bagged packed. Alarm set and breakfast is sitting in the counter.

Tomorrow will not be a pretty run: 8k in 30 degrees after nearly six months off . . . that’s ok. Tomorrow my season will begin.


Last night I dreamt about running. I was trying to determine the safest path to run at that time of day. Everyone kept giving me round about answers. . . I just wanted to run.

It’s in the single digits outside, so that’s not going to happen today, but soon.