double digits

clearly I am not brand loyal ;) (adidas hat, brooks sports bra, nike shirt, athleta capris, asics shoes)

I was scrolling through Instagram last week and noticed that the Detroit Marathon was almost at its 100 countdown . . . wait, Detroit is a week AFTER Chicago.  Oh boy.

Last week we had an 8 mile long run, I did it and while I felt tired towards the end, I felt awesome to have finished it.  But in most cases your long run miles increase each week which meant that this week could have been 10 miles (I know, what ever happened to 9).  I felt nervous.  I felt like I could totally do it but inside I was hoping that this would be a plateau week where we match last weeks mileage.  It was a my fear of yet another double digit gets another week to dissipate.  My running coach gives us time frames to run instead of miles; I’m not sure why since the marathon is defined by distance and not time but he mentioned something about deciding the time to run based on how we were feeling on any given day.  I sometimes worry if I am doing enough, I feel that as a beginning the top end of his spectrum would be too much.  I am going to mentally prepare myself for running 10 miles next Saturday.  I just put that out into the universe, it is going to happen.

#sportsbrasquad is a social movement of women embracing their bodies and the rising summer temperatures by running in a sports bra alone on top.  A month or so ago I would look at cute sport bras and think that once I paid my abs more attention and got things right I would don this look.  Then I learned of the movement and went on my whole rant about being labeled “not a real runner” and my attitude shifted.  If it is hot enough I am going to run in one of my cute sports bras!  But I used my shirt to wipe my ever sweaty face, so how do I handle that???  If you’ve got experience please chime in; it is getting hot and I’d love to be as cool as possible, I’m good with my body image (especially if and when I’m being judged by a dog walker or mere park goer) but I NEED a way to wipe my face, especially if I’m wearing sunscreen.