FOMO realized

warning: this is going to be one of those venting / whining / personal-resolution blog posts.

The Saturday before last I was driving to and from the south of Illinois to pick up my oldest at the end of her summer session.  (Saturday is the group long run of the training week.)  The original plan was to make up my long run on Sunday; but my running partner was not feeling up to 12 miles back to back.  By the time this was all figured out the sun and humidity had risen to a very undesirable level and I settled for some speed work at a track near by.

The good news is that I noticed a faster pace during my subsequent weekly runs, the bad news is that the speed work and possibly the “give” of the track caused a large blister to develop at the back of my heel.  I noticed the discomfort but the the blister felt deep and fully encapsulated with skin so my internal direction was to wear socks with more cushion and continue with training.  Because I had just missed a long run the previous week and the next long run was a half marathon I was determined to stick to training and all was going well.

BAND-AID BLISTER GEL GUARDTraining went very well but after Tuesday’s run I decided I should add one of these wonderful gel bandages for good measure (these things really are heaven sent when it comes to shoe caused blisters); my blister was larger than the bandage.  I ran anyway on Thursday.  Despite the size of my sub-dermal blister I didn’t feel it much while running so I kept running.  After Thursday’s run I knew that there was a problem; not only was my blister no longer sub-dermal it had also burst.  I also noticed that the interior of my shoes had a tear in the fabric behind my heel.

The good news is that at the end of the day the store where I had purchased the shoes replaced them (I was sold a pair that was too small for running).  The bad news is that I now had a brand new pair of shoes (read NOT BROKEN IN) and a large blister the day before my first 13.1 mile long run.  I did my best to “break in” my new shoes by wearing them the night before the run.  Morning of I got up, got ready and headed to the lake.  Upon my arrival I took a quick and short jog and felt as if my new skin was tearing.  I came to the resolution that I could not run.  :(  Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, maybe a tiny bit warm but gorgeous!  Instead of running I volunteered to man the gear check for the team.  The worst part was being there as everyone came back and knowing that unlike all the other newbies, I had not run my first half marathon (in opposed to having a “now infected” patch of skin that would keep me from running, possibly walking, for a few more weeks).

first of many DeAnne, “first of many” I remind myself

Hiccups (injuries) during marathon training are par for the course and if a large blister is the worst thing that I will have to deal with I consider myself to be very blessed.  My current goal is to be ready to run next Saturday and to be back on track for the remainder of my training.

I am a large advocate of listening to my body, I always have been and I always will be.  What really sucks is that I can walk and possible run just fine, so long as I am wearing footwear that does not touch my heel . . . moving forward I will baby my feet a little more:

  • I will keep them moisturized (dry skin is more prone to friction blisters).
  • I will check the inside of my shoes for fabric tears (the fabric rolls up and creates hot spots that even cushioned socks cannot compensate for).
  • I will apply body glide to my feet before every run.

It’s almost funny how much I am missing running.  Two Saturday’s in a row with no long run and I’m experiencing some serious FOMO.  Next Saturday we have a charity “6k for Water” (3.72 miles) followed by a six+ mile training run for a total of ten which means no half for me until the mileage jumps to fifteen miles two weeks from now on August 12th; it sounds like a lot but I know that I’ll be okay even though my current longest run is ten miles.  I will continue to stick to the training schedule, STAY HYDRATED and will eat (fuel) responsibly.

My mind wants to do this and my body can do it!



make a wish ~ I want change

I want to change my job because I find my current position to be at a company that simply just doesn’t feel natural to me; but then again I may also want to change my career all together because in the . . .13 years that I’ve been doing this I really can’t recall a time that I’ve liked it. and believe me, I’ve tried. I have dove into my profession absorbing all that it has to offer, challenging myself and accomplishing all of the big goals.

but it’s the day to day that doesn’t suit me and once those accomplishments were met and all those extra letters earned I found I had no more numbers to count and still felt unfufilled as I watched all that extra knowledge sit on my mental shelf and collect cobwebs.
and then something stirred the dust and once again I mused over my theory that each little spec of dust is like a whole new planet (I had this thought prior to my knowledge of Horton hearing Who’s). with such possibilities out there change is possible, I simply have to do something epic to attain it.

and then there is the wish for my family. as a good friend would say “I wasn’t in that line when they were passing out _____”. I love my family, but more times than not they make me want to scream and once again I find myself apologizing to my daughters for what they have inherited because it is my strongest belief that they deserve so much more.

I know that this is a lot and believe me, there is more to put on this list; but this would be enough for me to digest so that the next round of wishes would be a better fit. in a way I still feel young; but then sometimes I am reminded by the fact that I’m not so young and that I do have a time limit in which these things need to take place in order for them to make sense.

so if I had to wish for one thing and one thing only I would like to omit some of the distractions in my life. I am not adverse to hard work, I just sometimes get off track dealing with drama and if I could get rid of some drama I know that I could accomplish a lot.